Southern Utah is a Photographers Dream Location

A road trip to southern Utah should be on every landscape photographer’s wish list. With six national parks, five national monuments, and other national recreation areas and historic sites the natural landscape offers limitless opportunities to photograph nature at its best. In March 2019 I took a road trip along with two photo buddies through Southern Utah heading to a workshop in Capital Reef National Park. Along the way we visited Bryce Canyon National Park at Sunrise and later that day saw the sunset over the Escalante River near the town of Escalante. The next day we took a day trip down Hole in the Rock Road to Peek a Boo and Spooky slot canyons, before meeting up with the Photo Workshop group in Torrey Utah for 5 days of photographing in the area, with a side trip to Goblin Valley State Park. Here is a few images form sunset over the Escalante River as seen from near the town of Escalante on highway 12.


Happy Trails  – The Alchemist

Joseph Hawkins

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